Communion Party – Fam. Romeijnders Romeijnders


TYPE : Communion

Number : 240 PAX

Catering : Silverspoon



The communion party took place in the entire event hall.
There was room for 240 guests to enjoy a delicious meal. The decoration and decoration of the hall was decorated in the right atmosphere. In addition, the video wall was used to show images of the communion throughout the day.

The spacious outdoor terrace and the car park were also used to the full capacity. With a bouncy castle of no less than 25m! For a long time, it was possible for the children to play safely in the adjoining closed car park. Thanks to the outside terrace, a perfect connection was made between the event hall and the car park.

Throughout the afternoon there was a reception, after which the guests could enjoy a culinary seated dinner. This was made-to-measure by exclusive caterer Silverspoon. Afterwards there was a subsequent dance party with deejay.
Ensuite, il y a eu une soirée dansante avec le DJ.

“We found your event location on the web, addressed you and got a very quick response. The communication went smoothly, not too formally, everything was clearly agreed:
after all, good agreements make good friends!

The day itself was great!
The room was how we expected it, (because of your busy schedule and the difficulty of not getting to you, we could not have seen the room as a whole) tables neatly set and covered, dessert buffet in the middle, the dance floor was neither too big nor too small. Als we iets vroegen aan het personeel , de event coordinator Miguel (extra tafel buiten voor de ontvangst, de stekkers van het springkasteel,…) werd het meteen opgelost.

The weather was good, so we could have aperitifs outside on the spacious terrace, the children could safely in the bouncy castle, adjacent to the spacious parking.

Silverspoon All plates were taken care of and warm! The rooms The rooms were very well taken care of and the breakfast was very extensive, good service and delicious In short: a must !!!

(But not too much … that when we want to have another party, you are not fully booked!) “

– Fam. Romeijnders


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