Customer event – Grand Opening


  • TYPE: Customer event
  • ANNUAL: 350 PAX / day
  • DATE: May 2017
  • Objective: Grand Opening -The Mountain
  • CATERING: Silverspoon
  • COMPANY: Den Berg

The best way to highlight a new location is, of course, by inviting customers and business relations. The more people who have seen and experienced your brand new location, the better the success of the customer event.

That’s what Den Berg did in 2017. No fewer than 350 people were invited to The launch of the new complex/event hall. The guests were welcome for a bite to eat and a drink, as well as the main objective of highlighting the atmosphere and possibilities of the Den Berg domain and its pre-events-built hall.

Preferred caterer Silverspoon provided finger food and drinks for the visitors throughout the day, in the evening there was the possibility for all guests to enjoy a culinary walking dinner. Afterwards the dance party started under musical accompaniment of Q-music deejay Dimitri Wouters.

“ It was fine down to the last detail, our business relations were very excited with the customer event.”

– Sam De Visscher (Operational Manager Den Berg)


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