Staff Event- Continental Foods


  • TYPE: Staff Event
  • NUMBER: 180 PAX
  • DATE: 24/05/2019
  • OBJECTIVE: Staff event / Teambuilding
  • CATERING: Silverspoon
  • COMPANY: Continental Foods



Continental Foods is one of Europe’s leading food companies with operations in Belgium, Finland, France, Germany and Sweden. Continental Foods is known for brands such as Devos Lemmens, Royco, …

A company’s continuing success is achieved by motivated, talented, and above all motivated employees. With these words in mind, Fast Forward Events organised the annual staff party for Continental Foods at the Den Berg location.

Around noon, the employees arrived in Den Berg by bus. Around 180 guests were welcomed with an extensive lunch in the event hall. Thanks to the radiant weather, the terrace could also be used.

After lunch, there was an award ceremony and presentation of the management. Afterwards, the teambuilding activities started at the spacious adjacent car parks A & B, as well as Unit A and B in the event hall.

As a meeting point, in between the teambuilding activities, the employees could go to the covered bar on the terrace.
The guests had the opportunity to experience the world of VR (Virtual Reality) and Drone flying.
Hammer blows and nail knock were also present.
After an afternoon full of varied activities, exclusive caterer Silverspoon provided a delicious BBQ.
Before the guests could enjoy a delicious meal, there had to be a reception with award ceremonies, this to honor the ‘best’ teams of the activities (in this case with a cup).


“ A very pleasant location, with a great cooperation with all employees. Friendly and helpful staff.

A good personal assistance of both the preparations (flow, room layout, …) and the guidance during the event. “


– Marije Hallez (Fast Forward Events)


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